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A Massage Review

 Tension, stress aches, pains and anxiety are predominant factors in my life. Sleeping more than three hours at a time is uncommon due to the above. Learning to accept the things that I cannot change has been a part of my life, but the toll that it takes on one’s body is irreversible.

I have found a cure for things that my body cannot change; I have found a way to relax my tension, relieve pain, soothe away the aches and reach my sleep quota so that I can face the challenges with strength and calm. The superior massage techniques of Wesley Groves are a sure cure for a tense lifestyle.

Wesley has incredible hands and an incredible personality that cajoles you into a relaxed and trusting state, enabling him to manipulate the most knotted and stubborn muscles and coax away the effects of a painful lifestyle.

Massage improves my muscle tone, smoothes my skin tone and texture and improves my circulation. I feel more supple, flexible and energized following massage; I am instantly relaxed, less stressed and strengthened. Wesley’s massages are a definite method of improving my coping mechanisms and enabling me to face what lies ahead.

 Chérie…a satisfied client


Relaxing, soothing, professional and dedicated all describe Wesley Groves at He gave me my money’s worth and a whole lot more. This is a masseur who truly enjoys what he does, it really is his passion…it was like he was “made to massage”.   I had him come to my home to do an evening massage. As a single woman, I felt totally comfortable with his professional demeanor. I would highly recommend him!

Tiffany B.

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